Tiara Chambers receives new hearing aids

Tiara Chambers is a recent graduate from the University of Cincinnati, and is currently working on her Masters of Social Work. During her undergraduate studies, Tiara served as a member of the National Association Black Social Worker (NABSW) chapter, was involved in the Women in Leadership Learning (WILL) through the Women’s Center, and a volunteer for Equality Ohio. She has worked as a Home Health Aide, Patient Care attendant and Early intervention Program Counselor through both Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and The University of Cincinnati Medical Center. We are inspired by Tiara’s ongoing work for social justice, and we are humbled to have recently covered the costs of her new hearing aids.

“As an African American girl in a community where many kids didn’t look like me, I was treated as mentally incompetent because of my hearing impairment. There was nothing wrong with my intellect. Growing up, expectations under systematic institutions caused me to view my leadership and potential skills as less than the average person. I’ve learned through experiences that visibility is one of the key instruments for breaking down social constructions in hopes of building a space that will allow anyone to become a leader. I want to be an advocate within my own community as a social worker, providing the knowledge and resources to those that are in need and want to be empowered. Thank you so much for your generosity!”

-Tiara Chambers


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Dayton Daily News: Donor Next Door

Check out this feature on Sara and Erin fundraising for Sara Spins!


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USA Today Feature – Sara Whitestone

Check out this article about Sara’s continued improvement at USA Today!

U of Cincinnati student walks to class for first time in 4 years

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Taylor Baldauf just recently received her new Smart Drive wheels thanks to the fundraising efforts of Sara Spins! Congratulations, Taylor!



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New school year, new health!

This past winter, Sara’s sister, Hope, also fell ill with POTS and had to leave school. Determined to make a change, the Whitestones fundraised to get a chance to go to the POTS treatment Center in Dallas Texas. Hope and Sara were able to go to the treatment center in May, they found almost immediate relief!
Sara is now walking on campus for the first time! She is improving more and more everyday. She has recently started a disability advocacy group, the Alliance for Abilities, at UC. Sara is experiencing a new-found excitement towards her education and activism, and is starting her yoga teacher training this month.
Hope is now able to attend Alter high-school and participates in their pre-Cincinnati Conservatory of Music program! Hope enjoys playing recreational soccer, and looks forward to participating in the theater at school.
Both sisters are practicing biofeedback daily.
For more information on biofeedback visits Sara’s personal blog: http://whenieverfeelbetter.blogspot.com/
We are so thankful for your continued support. Both sisters will continue to be an advocate for people with disabilities, and Sara Spins will continue to fundraise for students with disabilities.
We are excited for what’s next!

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Cincinnati Enquirer: UC student fighting for more than herself

The Cincinnati Enquirer followed Sara around UC’s campus for a few days to capture her story and struggle as a student with a disability and living with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis. Check out the story through the link below!


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SaraSpins Helps Taylor!

Meet SaraSpins newest recipient for a wheel chair: Taylor! On October 16th, 2011, Taylor’s life was drastically changed when she fell asleep while driving and flipped her car, which caused her to break her neck. Taylor was care flighted from the accident to Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton. She stretched her spinal cord at the C2 Vertebrae and was told she was paralyzed. Taylor missed her entire junior year of high school and had many complications from her heart stopping three different times due to infections. She has had over 20 different surgeries and was eventually she regained movement in her arms and hands and entered therapy. Despite these struggles, 17 year-old Taylor, still managed to graduate from Memorial High School in St. Marys, Ohio, just this spring. SaraSpins has selected to help fundraise for Taylor to get a new wheelchair so she can live out her dreams by attending college this fall!

Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way!

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Sara named UC’s Grand Marshal to lead MainStreet Stride 2013!

The University of Cincinnati is home to over 30,000 students that love their traditions! This year one of these traditions just so happens to involve our very own Sara Whitestone, who will be leading UC’s 8th Annual MainStreet Stride! Sara was nominated as the University of Cincinnati’s 2013 Grand Marshal to lead the foot parade of students, faculty and staff dressed in their finest and most creative red-and-black spirit wear across campus. The MainStreet Stride will begin at the plaza at University Pavilion, proceed down MainStreet and end at the Campus Recreation Center Gymnasium, where there will then be a performance by UC Bearcats Band, an award presentation, and the Student Government Inauguration.
This year’s MainStreet Stride will be on Friday, April 12, 2013 at Noon. If you want to join Sara and the UC community at the parade, just click here to register your group!

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SaraSpins helps Abbey!

Meet the wonderful Abbey Gayle Hunter! This exquisite young woman is currently pursing a bachelor of science in Interior Design in the School of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning at the University of Cincinnati.
Abbey has P.O.T.S. and her main symptom is Chronic Fatigue. Thanks to everyone’s help, SaraSpins was able to fundraise money to give Abbey a grant for the wheelchair she needed! The world better prepare for the big influence that Abbey is going to have, she plans to pursue a masters program in the health field and possibly going on a 1 or 2 year mission trip.

My New Chair! Thanks So Much!!!!!

Email Abbey with any questions at: hunterag@gmail.com
Where there’s a wheel, there’s a way! Congrats Abbey!

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Sara Addresses UC Board of Trustees

On October 23rd Sara had an opportunity to present Sara Spins and her personal journey to the University of Cincinnati Board of Trustees during its regular meeting! Check it out!


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